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The Queens United Cricket Academy Season Set For May 2

By Sam Sooppersaud          The sport of cricket is gaining much popularity in New York City, as well as nationally. This fact is recognized by the New York City Parks Department, which has developed at least eight fields in the New York metropolitan area, for the use of cricket only.

At the beautiful Idlewild Cricket Complex in Rosedale, Queens, there is the Queens United Cricket Academy.  Under the watchful eyes of George Samuels and a group of motivated adult cricketers, the youngsters will get the best possible coaching in the New York area. I am happy to announce that the Academy is now in full swing.

Idlewild Cricket Ground is one of the best grounds for cricket in New York City. Kids playing there will have a chance to use one of the best matting wickets available. The Academy is also planning to open two batting cages shortly. Work for this is already in progress. Queens United is the only club around dedicated solely to the development and coaching of children and youth cricket.

Under-15 Youth The Academy is currently seeking and registering players under 15 year of age, especially those who can handle a hard cricket ball.

Players participating in the program will get the opportunity to play against teams from Cricmax, Dream Cricket, and the NATA league, as well as teams from Philadelphia and Canada. Players from the New York Cricket Region showing good potential will be selected to participate in the Under-13 tournaments taking place in Chicago, Illinois, from June 26 to June 30, 2015. The Academy’s season starts May 2nd at  9:00 AM at Idlewild Cricket Ground.

Children’s Program: The Queens United Academy plans to host a Summer Clinic for younger children, introducing them to cricket and teaching them the basics of the game.  Details of the clinic will be published as soon as all arrangements are in place.

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced youth cricketer, Idlewild is the place to be and Queens United Cricket Academy is the opportunity for you.

So parents get your kids involved in the fastest growing sport in the USA. For additional information, you may call George Samuels at 917-805-5290.

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